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Dr. Samata Vasisht Dr. Samata Vasisht
holisticsamata@gmail.com; samata@samatasynergy.com
Skype id : holisticsamata
A vivacious blend of east and west, medicine and meditation, science and spirituality, Samata has worked globally for 15 years in Lifestyle and Wellbeing based on holistic mind-body-soul integration. She works on Building Resilience with Senior Leadership teams establishing the link between Core values-Wellbeing-Resilience-Performance thereby enabling a shift towards a pro-active culture of healthy leaders and sustainable performance. Her stand is 'Anchor in your core' self and her mantra is "Follow your bliss". .

Recently awarded Best Scientific Contribution by the Indian Association of Occupational Health for her presentation 'Building resilience through innovative holistic wellbeing' at the prestigious International Conference of Occupational Health (March 2012 Cancun,Mexico)

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Vikram Bhatt
+91 9820521140

An engineer by qualification, Vikram has chosen organizational development and coaching/facilitation as profession out of pure passion to be a catalyst to the development of human potential.

Life is a teacher and the past thirteen years of work experience has enabled Vikram to bring a blend of creative ideas with pragmatic wisdom to apply those ideas. Work is an expression of who he is, and his deepest beliefs and values.

Vikram engages with client systems as a mentor, coach and a facilitator. His experience ranges from working at a one-to-one level with senior executives to facilitating behavioural/team building/leadership workshops for teams both at senior and middle management levels. He also facilitates conflict resolution and mediation through focus on leveraging diversity and ‘inclusion’ processes.

Vikram is a member with NTL (National Training Laboratories institute), Dean - consulting at ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science) and is certified in spiral dynamics integral change technology. A continuous pursuit has been to find a legitimate space for love-energy within work spaces and relationships, Vikram is also founder of Essence – an organization which uses OD to discover this.
Shanker, currently is completing his M.Sc. in Psychological Research at Bangor University, U.K. He has proposed the neuro-cognitive model linking mindfulness and authentic leadership.

He is trained as a Chartered Accountant in the past, and has held leadership roles for over fourteen years in business across finance and technology domains with organizations like Arthur Andersen, Mahindra Satyam, HCL Technologies and in consulting global clients like Logitech, Reuters, Life Sciences Laboratory etc. He has also partnered to set up multiple start-up equipment leasing companies in the capacity of a CFO and Director over these years.

As a coach, his practice is informed by the Ontological model that uses the domains of language, body and emotions. He also facilitates experience of body wisdom with his knowledge of InterPlay and is a Yoga Shiromani from Sivananda Ashram.
Shanti Shanker
Shanti has trained in psychology and currently completed her second Masters in Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology at Bangor University, U. K. Over last ten years Shanti has worked as a counsellor and clinical psychologist with hospitals like B.Y.L. Nair, Jaslok & L.T.M.G in Mumbai.

She has worked in research with institutes like Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, National Brain Research Center (NBRC), University of Western Australia, & Stanford University.

Shanti thrives on research and is keen to explore the scientific underpinnings of mind-body-soul journey of synergy.
Vinali Doshi
+91 9998347374
Vinali being trained in psychology is naturally curious about the human mind and its development. Based out of a quaint city, Vadodara, she has six years of diverse work experience. Conscious introspection and soul searching has enabled her to initiate self exploratory experiences for college students.

She also has a Trainer’s certification from Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) and is currently working in a part time capacity with Essence on a whole school transformation project and with Synergy Holistic as a Co-Creator aiming to design experiences that heal the mind, body and soul.

Appreciatively attempting to inquire into questions about life, Vinali also holds deep interest in theories of Carl Jung and is now delving into understanding the importance and nuances of stories, folktales and fairytales in shaping of a person’s life and hoping to deeply ingrain it into all her work.
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