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Dr.John Cooper.
Ex-Head of Corporate Occupational Health,UNILEVER
“ Samata was tasked by me with addressing a key issue for people’s performance in the business world: namely ‘How to deal with stress in today’s tough business climate?’ Synergy Holistic designed an innovative approach to this by developing a programme and then  leading a workshop on ‘Building Mental Resilience’ followed by individual coaching sessions with participants which resulted in immensely  successful outcomes. Samata andVikram showed a ready grasp of both an individual’s ability to cope with difficult and demanding challenges, as well as a broader picture of the corporate organisation’s needs and priorities. Throughout the programme they demonstrated a thorough and professional approach, engaging with all participants fully, using a holistic model to help people build their mental resilience in order to face and tackle tough situations, whilst always focussing on definitive results. Samata is a joy to work with and has brought about innumerable life-changing successes to participants  in this programme. I would heartily recommend Synergy Holistic to anyone who wishes to improve their health & wellbeing, as well as their performance at work.”
Sanjay Coutinho
CEO, Barista Coffee Company Ltd-Noida (UP)
It is tough to translate Synergy Holistic programme into words considering how intricately it’s been woven to cover every aspect of our lifestyles. It can be best understood only when experienced because somehow, and we don’t know how, it ushers you through the wilderness of your own thoughts, leaving you there to reflect and re-discover yourself. Here at Barista, it made my team realize the magic of a balanced lifestyle which has tremendously helped them, both on their personal and professional fronts.
Sudeep Basu
CEO, Al Zawawi Trading, Mercedes Benz, Muscat
It was a delight to engage Synergy Holistic for my leadership team. Because I knew Samata's adaptability and ease with people,it  didn’t surprise me when she had our truly international team conversing and sharing willingly ,be it from France,Sudan,Oman,India,Pakistan and more.Synergy Holistic program has left a lasting impact on my team and me.
Pankaj Chaturvedi
Executive Director ,Rich Graviss
SynergyHolistic is an integral  health and wellbeing partner to our Organization and I can vouch that our team  has gained immense value  in improving their lifestyle, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We look forward to our workshops and Coaching through Synergy journey  with excitement and happiness.
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