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Abhijit Pradhan
Chief Explorer, Master NLP Practitioner & Executive Coach
Superstar Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Samata Vasisht did what few people manage to do with me - blew my mind totally! Having been in the Personal & Organisational transformation field for the last two years, I was more than taken aback by her approach - which I would attempt to describe as a SCIENTIFIC HOLISTIC diagnosis based methodology. She uses a Bio Feedback device which measures aspects about our bodies which I could not even fathom – e.g. all the emotions running inside me - active and dormant. Lots of puzzles in my life just fell in place when I saw this holistic picture my body was showing me. I know now that the body never lies! To add to the cutting edge science is the balancing act of a doctor / healer who genuinely cares about you and guides you through the Insights in the most loving manner. It gave me tremendous insight into my own life and because of that, I invited her to do a similar session for a client whom I was coaching. Similar Insight helped that client tremendously as well. I am quite convinced that she is on to a very big thing and I invite anyone to partake in this mind blowing journey of transformation!!
Chris Monk
Owner, Values in Business (UK)
Samata is a very talented, highly vivacious coach who combines her high energy with a deep, genuine concern for others. She will tell you things you don't want to hear and, to follow up, she will help you to move forward from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. I thoroughly recommend her services.
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