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empower...i flourish - rewiring resilience
Empower is a program that makes you reflect on your habituated response patterns and associated stress and emotional wellbeing. The program provides a space to inquire and make consciously flourishing choices; using pillars of wellbeing framework. This is designed to be an intensive & empowering two days to rewiring resilience in a group setting.
outcome :
  • Leveraging wellbeing to enhance performance.
  • earning to thrive on adversity.
  • Increasing organizational resilience and productivity.
products :
i flourish questionnaire
  • maps an individual’s response to common stressful situations on the scale of denial to co-creation, associated stress and resilience scores. It also elicits the current emotional wellbeing ratios.
i flourish toolkit includes:
  • I flourish cards (of each pillar with powerful transformation questions & anchor messages).
  • Fuel up cards (positive emotions cards – doubling as personalised affirmation cards).
  • Dial-up (a circular tool that coaches one to shift greats and from disturbed negative emotions to positive states).
  • I invest (a coupon booklet that can be exchanged in social network).
  • Joyful journey (customized paper medium to capture one’s dream).
  • Synergy map (a SMART goals driven specifically designed sheet that can chart progress with action steps).
  • Scribble doodle ramble (a diary designed to provoke questions, support practice and doodling pages).
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