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enlighten...i harmonize - cultural consciousness transformation
Enlighten focuses on evolutionary leadership transforming consciousness by taking the leap of faith in to the unknown. It’s a dynamic process where every experience shapes your thinking and behaviour towards making responsible conscious choices for manifesting your vision into a reality.

The environment provided enables to share and learn together, access the group wisdom to evolve. As different aspects within us, the conflicting voices that we often suppress or avoid are understood and surfaced, they can be transcended.

Organisations transform when leaders undergo personal transformation and consciously follow an inner compass of values fuelled by their own strengths inspire others towards a shared vision.

outcome :
  • Full spectrum consciousness leaders.
  • Value led, purpose driven organizations.
  • Sustainable and responsible growth.
products :
i harmonise toolkit includes...
  • Personalised Values cards
  • Signature Strengths cards
  • Vision Board
  • Scribble doodle ramble (a diary designed to provoke questions, support practice and doodling pages).
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